BUH-BYE: The first image of Adrianne Palicki starring as DC’s title character in the would-be NBC pilot "Wonder Woman." (Justin Lubin)

Diana Prince can hop back into her magic Boeing. Because her new TV-series pilot — much like her invisible plane — is now something the world, presumably, will never see.

After days of speculation, NBC has officially given the high-booted “Wonder Woman” the boot, deciding to pass on picking up the series from producer David E. Kelley and DC parent Warner Bros., Entertainment Weekly reported late Thursday night.

The memory of Lynda Carter’s high-camp superhero is again safe.

Kelley’s aim was to “reinvent” Wonder Woman as an L.A. crimefighter by night and a “modern” executive by day. Right there, truth be told, things began to get suspect for the hero with the Golden Lasso.

The project attracted attention when the fresh-faced Adrianne Palicki of “Friday Night Lights” fame was cast as the Amazon.

The would-be series drew even more heat when Palicki was first unveiled in full cheap-suited costume. Given her blue boots and rock-star pants, some fans railed that she looked less like a fantastic Hollywood streetfighter and more like a plastic Halloween streetwalker.

(This, a year after the comic-book Diana had donned a costume that led some to wonder whether Ms. Prince had taken a summer job at Wet Seal.)

There were also raised eyebrows over why TV’s Wonder Woman had lost much of her star-spangled, “spirit of ‘76” fashion touch that Lynda Carter rocked so well in more bicentennially minded times. Favoring costuming nods to Greek myth over the Stars and Stripes, did David E. Kelley have something against apple pie, Betsy Ross and the good ol’ U.S. of A., the thinking went.

NBC, on the other hand, may have just had something against cornball reinvention.

Thanks for the memories, Adrianne Palicki. Bracelets raised, may you live to fight another day, in a project worthy of your talents.

Till then, we’ll always have Lynda.