YOU KNOW THOSE classmates who seem to know exactly what they want to do from a very young age? And then, after years of effort and focus and uncommon clarity, they go out into the world and accomplish that very thing?

Daniel Kruse was — and is — precisely that kind of student.

Lighting effects expert Daniel Kruse. (./COURTESY OF DANIEL KRUSE via DISNEY)

On Nov. 2, Kruse’s latest film, the CG-animated “Wreck-It Ralph,” opens buoyed by Disney’s high hopes and strong backing. Kruse was responsible for lighting effects in “Sugar Rush,” a cotton candy-colored video game that the film’s main characters navigate — and helping to create this “My Little Pony”-meets-”Cars” world meant capturing the feel of a wide array of sugary surfaces.

Fortunately for viewers, Kruse is a master of eye candy.

“Everything has this saturated, beautiful color palette that you work hard to achieve,” Kruse tells Comic Riffs.

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The “saturated, beautiful” environment of "Wreck-It Ralph’s" Sugar Rush game. (Disney 2012)