Some punster is losing a job! A cringe-worthy moment on KTVU with Asiana 214 pilot names

Have you ever wanted to see some cringe-worthy racist puns read completely straight on live television?

Well, have I got some footage for you!

That’s up there with the most awkward moments of local live TV.

It’s the reading that with a straight face that really makes the moment so indelible. This is Ron Burgundy-level obliviousness (warning: language).

I think it was Stephen Leacock who said that “the inveterate punster follows conversation as a shark follows a ship.” This is exactly the sort of thing he was talking about.

Look, as a punster, I support my brethren — up to a point. This is several leagues beyond that point. Did it at no point occur to the person reading this on air that these could not possibly be real?

KTVU has since apologized.

If the apology is correct, there is some punster at the NTSB who will be out of a job soon, and can go back to the vaudeville circuit of 1911, where he came from. Or to making those uncomfortable racist Bugs Bunny cartoons that we are trying as a nation to forget ever happened.

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