Adam Carolla, a man named after a misspelled car! (AP)

One day, when a funny person with two X chromosomes gets interviewed in a magazine, there won’t be half a dozen zoological questions about What It’s Like To Be a Woman And Make Jokes.

One day, if an interviewer asks, “Gee, Marsha, what’s it like to be a Woman in Comedy?” everyone will laugh hysterically and he will be quickly retired, because there will be so many examples that this will be like asking, “So, what's it like to be left-handed in comedy?”

One day, when a woman makes a movie, it won’t force every other woman to hold her breath because This Summer We’re Going To Prove Whether Or Not A Female-Helmed Comedy Can Hold Its Own At The Box Office.

One day, when a woman makes a TV show, all the folks who write reviews of TV shows won’t complain that it isn’t broad enough and doesn’t encompass more flavors of experience, because right down the lot will be another woman making another TV show that is wildly and totally different. One day, we won’t have to shove all our eggs into one basket.

One day, if a movie a woman writes isn’t funny, it’s not because women aren’t funny, but because the screenwriter wasn't funny.

One day, it won’t be news that somehow, just over 50 percent of the population is being represented on television in comedies.

That day is getting closer all the time.

But for now, here we go again. Adam Carolla, the Manliest Man’s Man of them all, squatted over the New York Post this weekend and deposited an interview in which he announced that men were funnier than women.

As Sarah Thyre quipped, “I miss the good ol’ days, when Jerry Lewis & Christopher Hitchens thought we weren’t funny.”

Twitter, which by now could more properly be termed the Magical One-Liner-Based Comedy Meritocracy Machine, has been slapping the stuffing out of him. They give no signs of letting up. But at this point is it worth it?

Look, this trope was tired six years ago. Now it needs to be retired. Not-funny call, funny response. It’s old.

Carolla may have the world’s most subscribed podcast, but that medium is not quite comedy. He’s not funny; he’s a talented polemicist. And now he’s got publicity for his book.

It's more than he deserves. One day, we’ll stop having this discussion. And I’ll be intensely relieved.