Hand gestures! (Jay LaPrete/Associated Press)

Joe Biden will be in Tampa on Monday, just in time for the start of the GOP convention. It’s happening! One wonders whether he is there to provide the Official Counter-Attack or whether the Republicans invited him, hoping that if he spoke long enough, some sort of gaffe would inevitably follow. It’s un­or­tho­dox, but it might work.

Frankly, the Republican Party would welcome any news at all that is about something other than Todd Akin.

“Hey,” they are murmuring to one another, “Does anyone else have a fun skinny-dipping story to share with the American public? Because now would be a great time.”

Everyone who is alive and affiliated with the mainstream party has come out of the woodwork this week, telling Akin to drop out of the race. It was like watching a production of “Julius Caesar.” But short of the statues running with blood and specters squeaking and gibbering in the streets, nothing could sway him. Hey, it didn’t work for Caesar either. At this point, even a burning bush would be unlikely to make much of an impact. No, he’s in.

But good news! Joe Biden is coming to Tampa. If anyone can snatch the gaffe torch out of the hands of the GOP, it’s Joe “Chains Y’All” Biden.

Reince Priebus says the party is ready. “I think it's pretty common among parties to play with each other's conventions, and we'll have a pretty big presence in Charlotte as well,” Buzzfeed quoted the Republican Party chairman as saying. “The nice thing about going first is that whatever they do to us, we can do 10 times over to them.”

They will send 10 Joe Bidens to North Carolina!

Should be interesting.