A message from President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, apparently signed by the president with the wrong date in the distinguished visitors' book during a tour of Westminster Abbey. (REUTERS)

Barack Obama is a Time Lord.

Of course this revelation would occur in Britain, where Dr. Who is a national treasure, shrine of the only being capable of fighting to the death one of those sentient wedding-watching Fascinator hats. Like The Doctor, President Obama probably came here in Tardis One to fix something that would go wrong in the future, perhaps to do with Oprah’s imminent departure from her talk show. Perhaps he’s here to save us from the Daleks, beings who resemble human-sized salt shakers, or the Cybermen, emotionless humanoid beings with robotic voices (much of the GOP 2012 field). Of course he was able to produce a birth certificate! He can produce anything he pleases! Whatever crisis he just averted, now he’ll return to May 24, 2008 with his companion Michelle, leaving only the vaguest hint in the air of what might have been.

Besides, I’m sure the Tardis One is far easier to travel in than the presidential limo, which tends to get beached when riding over bumps.