You’ve probably seen it by now.

A video clip less than a minute long shows Barack Obama singing seven words (give or take an I) of the Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together,” and America, in unison, went nuts.

Note the reaction shot of the teleprompter. He’s broken its hegemony. And it seems dazed: “WHAT NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING SINGING I DIDN’T INSTRUCT ANYONE TO DO ANY SINGING —”

If the president’s popularity dips again, he could consider putting out an album of “Barack Obama Singing Up To 7 Words of a Variety Of Songs.” That would preserve the dignity of the office. Any more, and it starts to sound like Herman Cain. Any fewer, and it doesn’t count.

Apparently, if there’s one thing that we want as a nation, it is to watch Barack Obama sing Al Green. Had we known this was an option, we’d have been demanding it for years. “Sing more Al Green!” we will demand, at campaign rallies across the country. It will become the “Freebird!” of the campaign trail.

Is it great? Well, look, I really don’t want it to be great. As long as it’s less embarrassing than when Vladimir Putin performs anything, it’s fine.

It’s — acceptable. It hits the notes.

I’m just waiting for someone to remix it.

And it rekindled something. “Let’s stay together,” indeed. “Cool Obama” is back, the one whose face might even make the cut for dorm room posters. And not a moment too soon. It’s almost like this is a reelection strategy. “I know!" someone said at a meeting. “What if he serenades us? It worked for John Cusack!”

In our national marriage, things were a little rocky over the last few years. There was that whole misunderstanding when we thought Obama wanted to kill Grandma. We are still not sure what’s going on with that, but Grandma keeps forwarding us Rick Santorum e-mails, so we have become increasingly indifferent to her fate.

It’s the little things that count. Maybe Obama doesn’t need to do grandiose things like pass a jobs bill or start laying a trail of rose petals to the voting booth. Maybe he just should try a little tenderness.

Or sing it.