This is a thing of beauty. (Gregg Segal/TIME)

Here are some remarkable images that Time Magazine took of Paul Ryan’s fitness regimen last December and that for some reason the magazine has been sitting on until just now.

There are more of them, and they are not Photoshopped.

It’s the hat. It’s really the hat that does it.

The trouble with hats, someone wise once said, is that they make you look like someone else — or think you do.

He looks like the 30-year-old actor pretending to be a teenager in your ninth grade health class video about Making Better Choices. You know the one I mean. If the hat were not backwards, you could not tell he was supposed to be in high school. In the next scene, he goes to a party, where someone tries to peer pressure him into trying “phat” drugs. But he says no!

This just went sweeping past Invisible Obama to become my number-one pick for Halloween costume, except I’d have to travel back in time to obtain the hat.

New York Magazine’s Dan Amira said “Ryan looks like he’s in a low-budget boy band video.” This is not inaccurate either.

For anyone who craves balance in ridiculous photos, please, take a moment to remember that picture of Joe Biden with the bikers.

But at least he wasn’t wearing a hat.