It was bad enough when Target kept telling people they were pregnant.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the popular travel site Orbitz was showing pricier hotels to customers with Macs than those with PCs, and all heck broke loose. “Orbitz found,” the article noted, that “Mac users on average spend $20 to $30 more a night on hotels than their PC counterparts, a significant margin given the site's average nightly hotel booking is around $100.”

We’d known this was coming for a while — the more information companies collect about us, the better (or more creepily, or more stereotypically, or more — other-adjectivally, depending on your perspective) they can serve us with deals.

But is this all?

I delved a little deeper and discovered some other Orbitz offers.

●Check Orbitz by calling its 1-800 number from a land-line phone and it offers you deals on Golden Anniversary Bingo Cruises.

●Check Orbitz from top-secret Bond-style wrist-implanted gadget and it offers you a three-night stay inside a nuclear submarine well-located for interacting with sharks.

●Tell Orbitz you have an AOL address and it offers you a stay in several hotels that were last hip two decades ago.

●Have HAL check Orbitz for you, and Orbitz offers you deals on hotels whose doors only open sometimes, HAL willing.

●Tell Orbitz you have a Gmail address, and Orbitz offers you deals on clean, well-designed hotel rooms that get uglier and more confusing the longer you stay.

●Tell Orbitz you have a Yahoo address, and Orbitz offers you deals on loud, busy hotels that are mainly appealing because Jessica Simpson once walked past them in sweat pants, or something.

●Check Orbitz for vacation deals from your office PC, and it offers you a very efficient-looking hotel room with windows that automatically shut when your boss walks past.

●Check Orbitz from your Palm Pre, and it offers you deals on hotels where everything is overpriced and tastes terrible.

●Check Orbitz by pirating your neighbor’s unlocked wireless connection, and it offers you a special deal on rooms that other people are currently staying in but where you can probably squeeze under the bed if you are a quiet sleeper and do not attempt to rent any large files.

●Check Orbitz from a Windows phone or Surface Pro, and it offers you a two-night special on a hotel that years later you will still be insisting was a great, even superior hotel, no matter what everyone else says.

●Contact Orbitz from a Blackberry Pearl and — who am I kidding? It is impossible to load Orbitz on a Blackberry Pearl.

●Contact Orbitz by passenger pigeon and its offers you a discount on stays in 1830.