The results from The Post Magazine’s humor contest are in! From long-form memoirs to photos to Tweets, the response was overwhelming! The field was culled by Post Magazine editors, and the winners selected by celebrity judges.

Here are the top five entries in the Twitter category.

Twitter, as a medium, is ideally suited to the one-liner. At best and worst, it is the bathroom wall of the Internet, where everyone scrawls thoughts and opinions and misspellings with little in common but exuberance and brevity. It’s a haven for jokes. But Twitter one-liners are often like public restrooms: the most popular ones so seldom are as clean as you would like.

But five people beat the odds:

I’m going to start using “I could care less” when I really like something; just to confuse people and use it in a proper context #wphumor

— Mark Davis (@markjd11) July 18, 2012

The candles on her cake complicated things in Grandma’s oxygen tent, but she died doing what she loved: complaining about the heat. #wphumor

— Doug Fun (@dougfun) July 27, 2012

Do fish on Mercury contain earth? #wphumor

— Phil, duh (@bigphilmd) August 9, 2012

Nothing feels more American than walking by a Starbucks with a Starbucks from a different Starbucks. #wphumor

— Christina Honan (@christinahonan) August 6, 2012

And the winner:

I wonder what happened to the human test subjects for Preparation G.#wphumor

— Edward Mickolus (@EdMickolus) July 18, 2012
DisclaimerThis is a non-scientific user poll. Results are not statistically valid and cannot be assumed to reflect the views of Washington Post users as a group or the general population.

You can read more about the Twitter winner and finalists here.

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