Did Barney Frank fart on Rachel Maddow’s show last night?

I hope so. Judge for yourself.

Anyone who’s ever called him an old windbag is probably feeling strangely vindicated right now.

Some would suggest it’s the wisest remark they’ve ever heard a politician make.

I always found his speeches strangely carminative.

Some would argue that this sort of thing has been going on for a long time. It’s certainly happened at least since the days of satirist Jonathan Swift. He wrote a famous riddle about the posterior, that included the choice lines, “My words are few, but spoke with sense; And yet my speaking gives offence: Or, if to whisper I presume, The company will fly the room.”

It can’t have been a much less sensible contribution than most of our discourse these days. And it was very brief and to the point and somewhat mellifluous.

I’m sure this frequently happened to the founders. “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry shouted, blinded by the aroma that Thomas Jefferson had just emitted, trying to pry open the doors that were containing the Virginia Convention delegates.

And this isn’t even the only scatological humor today! Earlier Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper allegedly hid in the private bathroom of the Brazilian foreign affairs minister until the Brazilian president agreed to move speeches and toasts when he wanted them. It’s an unconventional strategy — and his camp is agressively denying it — but it certainly gets the job done.

But for anyone fearing future farts, don’t worry.

A few weeks ago, in spite of the debt crisis, they managed to complete a proximate restroom for female members of Congress. There’s potty parity now, as they call it in Distinguished News Outlets. After all, this need transcends party politics! It’s potty politics!

They say that when a nation has to look to the toilet for its humor, the writing is on the wall.