But can he predict us another photo? (Uncredited)

I didn’t predict I’d be writing my second post about Hilarious Nate Silver Memes in two days, but I’m sure Nate Silver did.

The honeymoon between Nate Silver and the Internets continues full blast. It’s moved from Chuck Norris-style facts to surreal tales of Drunk Nate Silver’s escapades.

Everybody make some noise, or as Nate would say, signal!

Here are only a few of the best tweets of the Drunk Nate Silver concept. Thank you, Twitter.

“Drunk Nate Silver is riding the subway, telling strangers the day they will die.” @levitandan

Drunk Nate Silver waits 20 minutes for the G train, nods silently when it arrives, walks out of the station.” @jfruh

Drunk Nate Silver writes a one-sentence letter to PETA: ‘Don’t worry, Schrödinger’s cat is fine.” @copyblogger

Drunk Nate Silver shouting at jukebox blasting Biggie, ‘No! Mo money only correlates with a 42% chance of mo problems!’ @thelincoln

Drunk Nate Silver points at the night sky. The star he is pointing at flickers then dies.” @alan_maguire

Drunk Nate Silver stumbles through traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, screaming out what time each driver will get home.@davelevitan

“Drunk Nate Silver knows which of the ten dentists surveyed won’t like Crest Toothpaste.” @maureenjohnson

“Drunk Nate Silver passed out curled up in a parabola.” @jstuef

“drunk nate silver sighing loudly while looking over a russian lady’s shoulder as she does sudoku on the subway.” @max_read

And the joke continues, gathering steam, right here!