There are so many more social networks to choose from these days! Google+! Facebook! LinkedIn! Twitter! It’s enough to leave anyone in such a daze that he begins sending pictures of his personal regions to all and sundry without even meaning to. Once a social network was a group of people you liked and talked to. Now it’s a group of people you “Like” and will do anything to avoid talking to — even, say, joining LinkedIn.

If you’re new to social networking, or just awakened from a nap in the Catskills somewhere and found that all your friends had moved to Google+, here is a handy flow chart to show you where you’ll fit in in this burgeoning new realm of social media! (Whenever someone says the phrase “burgeoning new realm of social media,” a marketer in, I think, Portland gets his wings.)

If you would prefer to have an animated, slightly seizure-inducing .gif file of instead of this static flow-chart, congratulations: you should probably be on Tumblr.

Brevity is the soul of Twit.