Presented almost without comment, here is the recently unearthed gospel album by Republican 2012 contender and pizza mogul Herman Cain.

It’s actually rather moving.

The exciting thing about the Internet is that nothing ever truly disappears. Not even your gospel album.

But I hope this is only the beginning of a deluge of undiscovered albums by Republican presidential contenders.

Maybe Mitt Romney has done a secret recording of “The Book of Mormon.” Not the musical, just the book. It doubles as a sleep aid!

Or maybe Michele Bachmann has a gangster rap album! I bet she does. I can see it in her eyes. I bet it doesn’t sample any Elton John.

Or maybe Tim Pawlenty has an album of country songs that he initially claims are directed against Mitt Romney but then backs down in the course of the debate to suggest they are “probably about my dog, or something.”

Possibly Huntsman has a new vinyl LP of hip, extremely indie remixes that no one has heard of or likes outside of the East Coast.

And maybe Santorum has an album of world music called “Getting Santorum Everywhere” that people keep purchasing by mistake for dubious reasons.

Who knows what Ron Paul’s album is about, but I know there is a definite group of people who will buy it and insist that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread except for the individual’s ability to self-determine.

Newt doesn’t have a CD, but he no doubt has a giant record that nobody likes and that seems to go on for much longer than it actually does.

And hey, maybe Sarah Palin has an album in the works. I’m sure the cover art is great.