Too damn — low? (Audrey Tiernan/AP)

Jimmy McMillan? Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan, who captured our hearts with his rent rant a scant year ago during the New York gubernatorial race?

Jimmy “Mustachioed and Bearded America Salutes You” McMillan with the gloves to protect against Agent Orange?

This man has made a career out of campaigning against rent for being too high. And now he’s facing eviction because his rent — $872.96 for a ground-floor apartment in St. Marks’ place, reports the New York Daily Post — is too low?

This is too much.

This is like Rebecca Black facing eviction for singing too well. This is like Anthony Weiner facing eviction for being too discreet. This is like the next Transformers movie facing eviction for being too cinematically excellent. This is like Barack Obama facing eviction for being too hopeless — well, anyway.

This is the exact opposite of what he’s built his name on! Jimmy McMillan lives in a rent-controlled apartment? And, possibly, a second apartment in Brooklyn rent-free? Are there no heroes left? Is no one, these days, what they claim on the label?

Next they’ll try to give that Times Square cowboy the boot for wearing too many clothes.

Meanwhile, let’s remember him as he was.