So this happened.

That’s a chair she’s sitting on. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

There are no words for this. Well, there are five: Onion Joe Biden rides again! Perched oddly on the shoulders of this female biker, he seems amused by something.

I wish I had the 1,000 words this picture so richly deserves, but it says everything I want to say, much more eloquently and with greater wit.

The framing, with the dubious expressions on the faces of the two other bikers, is perhaps the best part of this photograph. It gives the rest of the image definite resonances of The Last Supper. “Oh, Lord,” the biker to the viewer’s right seems to be saying, “not this again.” He is the McKayla Maroney of this assembly.

Biden, meanwhile, leans over like a grinning backpack Yoda, probably reiterating his characteristic advice, “No dates until you’re thirty.” (My colleague Erik Wemple has confirmed that she is sitting on a chair, not in his lap, for whatever this is worth. It does little to diminish the impact of the photo.)

This is the sort of thing that keeps getting described as a “fun, spontaneous campaign moment,” which turns out to be a fun, spontaneous euphemism for “bizarre, bizarre photo of Joe Biden appearing to nuzzle a biker.” In fact, most of Joe Biden’s contributions these days fall along the lines of “fun, spontaneous moments” which translate to “Ack! They let Onion Joe out of the box!”

I have to say, I love this. Most vice presidents of the United States would never wind up in a picture like this. Andrew Johnson would have scuttled away in terror. John Adams? Hardly. Al Gore? Please.

My only concern is that if this keeps up, Onion Joe Biden will be out of a job, as will the people whose lives thus far have been dedicated to photoshopping him into odd positions. With Biden happy to insert himself into such positions in real life, their services are no longer required. And those are a passel of job losses that the administration really, really does not need right now.