Well, Microsoft has a new logo. And they claim to be excited about it!

Here it is.

Ta-da! (Handout/GETTY IMAGES)

What really sets it apart from the existing logo is the colorful squares and use of Segoe, which the Post’s Hayley Tsukayama calls a “clean, upright font.” It certainly looks less 1980s-mildly suspicious-gentleman-in-white-socks-and-blue-jeans than the present logo. But then again most things do.

I just hope they did not spend too much money on it.

To illustrate how little effort the logo required, here are a few that I came up with in MS Paint just now, without spending any money at all!

I am not using a clean upright font, but other than that, I think these could pass muster. Microsoft, you are welcome to any of these.

I think these stand up against the work of the pros, but then again I think MS Paint is still a viable software to create things in, so that shows you what I know. (Created in MS Paint.)