I’ma let you finish, but-- (Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP)

I’m sorry, not now, Neil.

The president was interrupted mid-speech by Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro.

Twitter exploded in jokes.

Munro now claims that the question, which went off quite a bit earlier than anyone would have liked, was mistimed.

That’s what they all say. The outburst was what Charlotte Bronte would have called a premature ejaculation.

I’m sympathetic to Mr. Munro, though. I used to do this often. In fifth grade. But still. As the Daily Caller affirmed, the essence of journalism is to ask people questions before they have finished delivering the remarks you were supposed to ask them about. It agitates them and makes them generate gaffes. And if no one made any gaffes, we would all be out of work. Only six people in the continental United States actually want to read about serious policy matters, and one of them has not been feeling so well lately.


Reporters can’t interrupt the president while he’s speaking. That privilege is reserved for members of Congress who disagree with him.