A screengrab of Daniel Williams’ vision of his game.

Ron Paul supporter and video game creator Daniel Williams is trying to “make liberty sexy” with a new, vintage-style video game featuring Ron Paul battling his way across fifty states and defeating 13 level bosses to achieve his goal of ending the Fed.

This was much needed. Ron Paul has slipped below the radar, as everyone tries to write as many stories about dogs (eaten, put on the roofs of cars or rescued from drowning) as possible.

Williams has already had more than $7,000 pledged for his game on Kickstarter.

This makes me think: what would be appropriate games for the other candidates?

A few suggestions:

Primary Smackdown: Mitt Runs To The Right: Make Mitt Romney run to the right. Not a terribly dynamic game, but it gets the job done. For added difficulty, insert Rick Santorum.

Mitt Runs To The Center: Same game, general-election edition.

Legend of Romneycare: The final level of this rapid-paced action game finds Romney leaping back and forth between an ever-changing series of platforms, battling misguided former versions of himself. As the level advances, the policy positions grow increasingly complicated. At the end, he must take on the moderate, well-regarded governor of Massachusetts in a match to the death.

Super Rubio: Jump from stage to ever-larger stage insisting you are not interested in the vice presidency.

Seamus Romney's Revenge: Mitt Romney has to transport a dog and five sons on vacation. But how? Strap anyone to the roof and you are automatically eliminated.

Words Without Friends: Play as Mitt Romney's teleprompter or Barack Obama’s teleprompter. Battle it out to see who can create the most human-like sentences.

World of War On Women-craft: Playing as a member of the national media establishment, popularize the idea of a war on women. Bonus points for incorporating caterpillars.

Wii Something Something Nascar: Play as Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. How many laps of the track can you complete before making a gaffe that implies you are too elite to enjoy or understand this sport?

Guess Who’s Inviting To Dinner: Playing as the Obama reelection campaign, see how creepy you can make the e-mails inviting people to eat dinner with the president before supporters demand to be removed from the list. Bonus points for single-word subject lines like “Tap” and “Creep.”

Newt vs. Penguin: As Newt Gingrich, battle a feisty, flesh-hungry penguin for dominance of the St. Louis zoo.

SuperPACMan: Devour limitless amounts of gold from mysterious, ghostly figures. Produce as many attack ads as possible. You are untouchable by law. There are no winners.