Santorum knows. (Joe Raedle/GETTY IMAGES)

I realize that these is multiple words, but only a snob would point out a thing like that.

On Saturday, Rick Santorum complained that “President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob. There are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor to try to indoctrinate them. Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.”

President Obama wants to turn you into a snob. He’s right to rebel! There is nothing worse.

Snobs are SOB’s with a gratuitous N.

They come back home from college, spit in your face and demand cappuccinos and copies of the New York Times.

Offer them American cheese and they scoff. They’re like hipsters but without the mandatory plaid.

Tell a snob you like anything, and he turns up his nose. “Yes,” he says, “but the French version was better.” Cheese? Film? Revolutions? These are people who give the highest awards in American cinema to films with no sound made by French people. They are the only people who enjoyed this year’s Academy Awards.

They actually saw all the Oscar-nominated films this year, including the animated shorts. They mention this fact frequently.

Snobs never come bowling with you. They have expensive tastes and attend expensive tastings. They frown on anyone incapable of telling a Beaujolais from a Not Beaujolais. They wear shorts with whales on them and they complain that the caviar of yesteryear was superior. You show up at events in a sweater vest and they imply by their looks that you have slipped below the dress code. When you say you like country music, they say that they like world music.

Voltaire said that “the best stomachs are not those that refuse all food.” That is a snob’s definition of the best stomach.

Snobs think they know better.

College is one thing. Santorum may have a point there. Sure, the Georgetown University Center for Education in the Workforce suggests that by 2018, more than 60 percent of jobs will require a college degree. But that is exactly the sort of thing these snobs would say.

As Rick Santorum no doubt knows, the idea that sending people to college will remake them in the image of Barack Obama is ridiculous. President Obama, say what you will about him, is capable of reading and writing at a moderately advanced level. Good luck sending your kid to school for that these days. Thirty-six percent of students demonstrated no statistically significant cognitive gains on a test of critical thinking and complex reasoning. No wonder less than ten percent of employers said that colleges did an excellent job of preparing students for the workforce. Colleges aren’t a place you go to learn. They’re a place you go to be inebriated and indoctrinated, in that order.

But one senses that this is less Santorum’s concern than the idea that anyone not affiliated with a church might try to tell someone what to do with his life.

That’s the real terror of snobbery. It’s the sense that they Know Better Than You and want to tell you so.

I agree with him that the government shouldn’t be in the business of telling me what exactly to do with my life and my organs. But we disagree on the follow-up point — I don’t think Rick Santorum should be, either.

Just because you’re innocent of one form of snobbery — just catch Rick Santorum fraternizing with any of those indoctrinated Ivy Leaguers — doesn’t absolve you of the rest.

Snobs insist that they know better than you in all sorts of areas. What music to listen to. What books to read. What films to see. How to rear your offspring. How much education you require. What you ought to do with your life.

Come to think of it, this starts to sound a bit like Rick Santorum, never known for his reticence on the topic of What Exactly You Should Be Doing With Your Life, Womb and Offspring’s Education.

But as Santorum points out, Barack Obama doesn’t know better than you. That’s ridiculous. Rick Santorum does.

Good thing he’s not a snob.