Before, you never heard actual people saying words like, “I wish there were a way to Like things in real life.”

Now it’s commonplace.

Before, we only suspected that millions of people — some of them otherwise unobjectionable in their private lives — were fond of Nickelback. Now we have proof, to the tune of 14 million likes. And only 2,000-odd people like lentils. Yet lentils have never inflicted constipated-sounding music on us, and they make a nice stew. It’s a strange, cruel world.

Before, when someone said “#beliebers4ever” you assumed that she could not spell and that something was the matter with her keyboard. This may still be true, but then again, it might not.

Before, “Behold! Facebook just changed our default e-mail addresses! We demand redress!” was a series of nonsense phrases uttered by old men in rags staggering over heaths in windstorms. Now, it’s a Serious Problem.

Has it come to this?

Here are some informational graphics.

They’re fairly accurate.

(Lovingly constructed in MS Paint.)

Go outside.