Already had enough blowhards this week. (Trump Organization/Reuters)

The high priest and chief worshiper at the temple of his own vanity, Donald Trump is distressed by the hurricane because people are talking about Sandy when he would prefer them to be talking about him.

Now, after the jolt of perspective that came with the storm, is the time for everyone to come together and show their best selves. Now is the time to start ignoring Donald Trump.

Donald Trump who, for instance, noted that, “I am the best builder, but if that were my building with the crane mishap, I would have been lambasted from coast to coast.”

He’s off somewhere beyond the blessed isle of self-parody, clinging to the floating island of his own bouffant, spewing bile.

Donald Trump, who decided to remark: “Because of the hurricane, I am extending my $5 million dollar offer for President Obama's favorite charity until 12 p.m. on Thursday.”

Oh. Wonderful.

Yesterday he added: “Fans shouldn't worry. We have adjusted the filming schedule of the upcoming 13th season of  @ CelebApprentice appropriately due to the storm.”

What a relief.

I realize the fact that Donald Trump is like this is no news. He has always been like this.

But we have made him this way. These days, attention is capital as much as capital is capital. It’s our continued willingness to look that gives Donald Trump enough money to keep himself in follicles and chins. And we don’t need to keep paying it. Enough was enough years ago, and this surfeit is disgusting.

Stop following The Donald.

Every time someone unfollows Donald Trump, an angel gives wings to a kitten. Every time someone stops following Donald Trump, the world is a little brighter. Trump is like one of those malign fairies who only exists because we continue to believe in him. If it weren’t for all the hot air that powers him, he’d deflate and disappear.