This picture won’t quit either. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

He is, as his Web site proudly informs us, still standing. And he’s raised $11,666 and amassed 4,130 signatures on a petition of people saying they Stand With Todd, which, to put things in perspective, is less than half as many people as signed that petition for Bert and Ernie to get married. But that is not important right now. He and his “ill-conceived” comments (yes, that’s the word the Web site uses) are still here.

He has been denounced and defunded eight ways from Sunday. Karl Rove, who Knows A Guy, not only withdrew American Crossroads’s support but arranged for a special lightning storm several blocks from Akin campaign headquarters. Now, as Akin ricochets from TV appearance to TV appearance, he is followed by a train of haggard prophets and prophetesses shouting, “Doom!” and one very ominous-looking guy in a rabbit suit. Locusts and darkness are coating his lawn. And that is just the media presence. Things, in short, are not looking up.

He seems to be a very confused man. He appears from his apologies to have decided that the biggest problem with his statement about rape and abortion was the word “legitimate.” And he’s figured out that the science he used is wrong. But beyond that it does not go.

Now he’s decided that it is the liberal media who want him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. I wouldn’t call Mitt Romney the liberal media, but, as I said, Todd Akin is a confused man. His whole Web site is dedicated to the proposition that supporting him will somehow stick it to the liberal elite.

But, hey, it makes about as much sense as what is actually happening.

I don’t blame him for being confused.

“Why,” he might well ask, “am I anathema, when the party platform now includes a plank that wants to give 14th Amendment rights to the unborn and ban abortion across the board, with no exceptions made for rape or incest? Isn’t that EXACTLY what I said, except for the science thing?”

“Shhhh,” everyone says. They point out that in reality the states place limits on these things, and the across-the-board ban is merely the ideal —

“But isn’t that — ”


Many of the GOP party’s more prominent figures, including the top of its ticket, stepped up to point out to voters that they are Certainly Not Like This Akin Guy, Gosh, What A Loon, Am I Right? Spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg issued a statement noting that “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.” This is, well, new, certainly for the vice presidential candidate. But, hey. Shhhh.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the legislature moved a step closer to withdrawing program funds from Planned Parenthood. The GOP’s platform-assembling committee went on with its plank-making, affirming its support for life without exception. Asked about the timing, after everyone had been denouncing Akin right and left (literally) for saying just that, Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia noted, “Current events regarding who said what at any given time don’t affect this document.”

“Shhhh,” he might as well have added.

No wonder Akin’s so confused.