“Two Tahitian Women” by Paul Gauguin. The painting, on display at the National Gallery of Art, was attacked by a female visitor on April 1. The painting is on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (National Gallery of Art)

Some reasons:

— Preferred his earlier work.

— Blames him for loss of Van Gogh’s ear, enraged by ears in painting.

— Mistook “Two Tahitian Women” for lesser-known work, “Two Tahitian Women, One Cup”

— By “This is evil” meant that “The action of tearing a painting from the wall is evil,” wanted to provide visual illustration.

— From a distance, the Gauguin looked sort of like a still from Rebecca Black’s single “Friday.”

— Frightened of cleavage, has had similar incident at every art museum ever and one or two courthouses.

— Momentarily confused the word “evil” with “a good example of Gauguin’s primitive period.”

— On scavenger hunt with Reverend Terry Jones, winner is first to destroy all that is good and beautiful in this world.

— She’s been framed.