It’s 12/12/12, the last time we can get excited about a date like this for a long time (1/3/13 just lacks a certain numerological … something). In honor of this day that will only occur once and then never again, here are some things to be grateful for. 

12. I’m grateful that we don’t yet know how we’re going to be wrong about dinosaurs next. First feathers. Now we know there was no such thing as a brontosaurus. Every day brings another disappointing discovery. Please, science, spare the plesiosaurs.

The pope is tweeting like a pro.

11. The Pope is on Twitter, which means that support for other modern technologies like Skype and/or contraception methods used after 1830 may not be far behind!

10. Robert Griffin III.

 9. Say what you will about modern technology and our ubiquitous smartphones, it’s nice that we can always be surrounded by music.

8. The “God Particle” exists, and we haven’t angered it yet.

7. Foaming hand soap and those high-pressure Dyson hand dryers are now widespread, making visiting public restrooms a delightful adventure!

6. After a year of looking them up, maybe we know what “socialism” and “capitalism” mean now.

5. “Baby” by Justin Bieber no longer the #1 YouTube video of all time!

4. Mars Curiosity has landed, and it’s taking pictures.

3. Alarmingly balmy winters, possibly a product of climate change and harbinger of worse to come. Still, at the moment, delightful!

2. So far, no sign of the ancient Mayans returning to destroy the Earth!

1. The 2012 election can never happen again. 

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