Here is a terrible idea.

It sounds like this song happened by accident. Someone tripped, hit his head, losing 150 years of memory, and somehow these vocals wound up together and someone released it.

Where to begin, exactly?

I just like this because I want to know what ideas they rejected in the course of making this. Was the original song just Brad Paisley singing, “Hitler is great, and I don’t think racism is a very big problem” and LL Cool J rapping, “I concur in this opinion”? If so, this is an improvement, although a slight one.

Was the original song titled “Intentional Racist”? If so, this is, again, an improvement, but only a little.

This song has the general feeling of when you wake up in the morning and stare at a text consisting mainly of urgent consonants that you’ve sent out to someone identified in your phone only as Judas, Hammer of the Maccabees. There is only one appropriate response: you blink a few times and cringe and then you go to the sink and slowly, reverently, pour out all the alcohol you have in your apartment and vow to quit the stuff for good.

In case this song was an accident and you want to know how to avoid such accidents in your own life, here is a series of questions to pose to yourself before green-lighting anything. I hope it can prevent future accidents.