On the “Daily Show” last night, Jon Stewart mocked CNN’s claims of “exclusive reporting” that an arrest of a “dark-skinned male” had been made in the Boston Marathon bombings, saying, “It’s exclusive because it was completely [bleeping] wrong.” He described the cycle of CNN picking over their own misinformation as human-centipede-like.


But CNN’s Wednesday was not stellar, in the sense that the Hindenburg’s docking at Lakehurst was not stellar.

Jon Stewart Yup, he said it. (Brad Barket/AP)

I think people are being too hard on CNN lately. Here are some things it has done well, recently:

Look, I love CNN. It took down that ridiculous article about women’s hormonal voting. They’ve even been kind enough to have me on. But this is embarrassing. And with the misidentification of the culprit as a dark-skinned male, it went beyond embarrassing to — not quite human-centipede-level mortifying, but close. That’s more than just foot-in-mouth.

I hate to see them turning into the Network That Cried “Confirmed Wolf.”