Happy Star Wars Day!

This is an exciting time for the fandom. A new trilogy? Stand-alone films? A fresh supply of “Star Wars” at least through 2020, if not beyond? I’m so excited I could tear the ears off a Gundark! We have seen the end of George Lucas (he’s still creatively consulting on the new movie) and we may soon see the end of the rebellion.

Perhaps things are going too well, in fact. I can feel myself growing stealthily optimistic. And that’s always dangerous.

“Star Wars” fandom is often the triumph of hope over experience. It is moments of complete, transcendent joy, followed by periods of anxious waiting, moments of bitter disappointment, and then long wilderness years of merchandising. We nestle under our Empire Strikes Back comforters, clutching our Darth Vader towels and Princess Leia shampoo bottles, and hope, fervently. “This time will be different,” we tell ourselves, purchasing tickets to the “Clone Wars” feature-length prequel.

Disney bought “Star Wars“, but it will be fine. That means more “Star Wars”! An exciting near-decade of stand-alone “Star Wars” films in which our beloved franchise won’t at all be diluted and over-stretched and all our dreams and hopes trampled, not at all, ha-ha-ha-HA-ha-ha! Laugh it up, fuzzball, as someone once said.

I should know better. My overconfidence is my weakness.

But already, I can feel hope seeping slowly into my soul. J. J. Abrams is directing it! He’ll be good! The stars of the original series seem to be making some sort of cameo! Er, that’s — well — nice to see a familiar face, anyway. It looks like John Williams will be there to supply the music! What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t answer that, please.

It’s a good time to be a “Star Wars” fan. We have an increasingly prominent day, “Star Wars” references still crop up constantly on the Internet, the fandom really does seem to endure across generations and cultures and distances. Here’s a cute picture of a toddler Vadering someone. 

This is an era of new hope, with no phantom menaces yet on the horizon. Let’s cherish it.

May the fourth be with all of you.