C-A-T. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images) C-A-T. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Evan read four epistolary novels last summer.*

His wife had always been something of a virago.

Don’t make eye contact with that voortrekker, Charlotte.

She was one of those exophthalmic women who sometimes corner you at parties.

Nobody could stand Eric’s paronomasia.

Dang it, Karen, you broke the ingluvies.

Jack’s hoomalimali was definitely a factor in his divorce.

It was enough thurification to last a lifetime.

“What a lovely mihrab!”

Few people in the continental United States have a good grasp of what
nanization is.

The house was cochleariform, but not cochleariform enough that anyone
would have a serious problem with it.

Come upstairs and see my jerboa?

Timothy went to the Renaissance Fair dressed as a Qatari.

Poimenics always reminded him of his mother.

Get that coati out of the garage!

Marty could have made something of himself if it hadn’t been for that tokamak.

Yes, it was podagra.

Ramelliose is difficult to spell.

*an actual context sentence from 2012 Scripps Spelling Bee

The spelling bee finals air Thursday on ESPN. And this year, the bee included a vocabulary test, moving the plethora of sequipedalians from the decorative to the practical realm.