President Obama ANYTHING BUT BROCCOLI (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)



President Obama says his favorite food is BROCCOLI?

Next he’ll say his favorite hobby is flossing. Broccoli? Broccoli is your favorite food? This isn’t even a reasonable category for broccoli to win. Favorite vegetable, possibly. Even then, it faces some stiff competition from carrots, artichokes — heck, arugula! (Possibly not peas or the much-maligned brussels sprout, which he admitted was “mushy.”) But favorite food? That’s like saying that your favorite computer game is Microsoft Excel.

But no, President Obama has called broccoli his favorite food.

Sure, maybe he was just trying to steer recalcitrant children toward the tree-shaped vegetable — it was at a healthy-eating-based event, after all, and this is exactly the sort of tongue-in-cheek response you give to a child at that sort of gathering. But still — how dare he? Just when the sobering news came that America had lost its pride of place as the most overweight nation in the world. He should be embracing bacon, wrapped in bacon, curled inside bacon, not rushing off to the arms of big vegetable.

More and more Americans are eating broccoli and, apparently, enjoying it — unlike former president George H. W. Bush. Is Sarah Palin and her Big Gulp the only thing standing between us and a nation of broccoli-eating, bacon-shunning, elliptical-using healthy people? There is nothing more annoying than healthy people, except possibly healthy people who Instagram pictures of their kale, or paying for the care of unhealthy people when their systems give out.

Wasn’t pizza his favorite food during the campaign? What happened to that?

Then again, Congress did declare pizza a vegetable, so maybe he’s come full circle.