Pretty sure this is the opposite of an artist’s rendering.


There’s a new dinosaur in southern Utah — a relative of the triceratops called nasutoceratops (“big-nose horned-face”) and noted for its large nose and big horns.

The dinosaur got the name “nasutoceratops” after describing itself to a sketch artist for Dove products who perished in a meteor collision before he could reveal she actually had a normal-sized nose and her horns were just lovely the way they were. The new ceratops joins a large and loving family of dinosaurs that includes the triceratops, the que-sera-cera-tops, the Arrested Development actor Michael Ceratops, and this joke.

To compensate, here are three poems.

Double Dactyl (this seems like a good verse form for dinosaur discoveries, although it should not be confused with the pterodactyl or ptero double dactyl):
Higgledy piggledy
Long-nosed horned just-unearthed dino du jour
Probably used its horns
For showing dominance
During its courtship (although we’re not sure.)


Nasutoceratops just
Fits in a haiku

Short Verse:

No longer tops
Now 2 to