Full disclosure: I said this to my barista today right after completing my purchase, and she seemed a little unnerved by it. As a greeting to your Starbucks barista, “Happy Bring Your Gun to Starbucks Day!” ranks a little below “What a beautiful skin you are wearing” and “That’s a very fresh-looking ear” in the annals of creepy ways to greet a person. But just a little.

In fairness, if today’s event is not actually named Bring Your Gun to Starbucks Day, it comes close. Fans of the Second Amendment are making a point of appreciating the coffee giant.

According to an event on Facebook, they have taken Friday, Aug. 9, as an occasion to celebrate Starbucks for conforming to local gun law — permitting open carry in its stores where open carry is permitted, concealed carry where concealed carry is permitted, and just generally cooperating with local restrictions on guns (or the lack thereof). In some cases, this means people are bringing their guns to the popular coffee retailer. In other cases, they’re just wearing pro-gun apparel. \

So go to certain Starbucks to take in the festive atmosphere of a land where the Second Amendment is king, where every shop you visit bristles with weaponry, even shops that sell foamy passion-tea fizz packets, where the general atmosphere is that of an old-timey Western saloon, where if someone is sick of hearing that Norah Jones album that’s been playing on loop since 1998 sometime, he knows what he can do about it. Just try not to ask for a Venti No-Whip Triple-Soy Caramel Macchiato With an Extra Shot! (Not because your request for a shot might be misunderstood, but because that order is obnoxious to begin with.)