San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, not at Hooters. (Gregory Bull/Associated Press) San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, not at Hooters. (Gregory Bull/Associated Press)

Well, thank heavens for that.

In San Diego, Hooters, the restaurant known for its deep regard for owls and totally non-objectifying approach to women, is taking a stand. San Diego Republican Party executive director Francis Barraza tweeted a photo from her local Hooters showing a new sign in the window — “The mayor of San Diego will not be served in this establishment,” the sign read, in part. “We believe women should be treated with respect.”


I should disclose that one of my life dreams is to start a single-entendre-themed restaurant called OWLS where your servers (who are mostly, but not all, women) wear bulky sweaters, thick glasses, and long pants. On your birthday and other special occasions, they offer to engage you in a long debate about Kant (or Betty Friedan, if you prefer). “It’s just like Hooters!” I tell people, pitching this idea, “… an owl-themed restaurant!” (At this point their interest wanes somewhat.) By the time I start describing all the respectful, owl-based merchandise available in the gift shop — “You can get a shirt that says I LOVE OWLS PERSONS or I’M SURE PASSIONATE ABOUT ATHENA! or OWLS ARE SURE WONDERFUL! WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT BREASTS?” they usually have made some sort of excuse and disappeared from the conversation.

So yes, thank heavens for that. It is a relief to know that no Hooters Girls will be forced to serve Mayor Filner, who is now taking some personal time after his intensive two weeks of magical therapy. They will be spared that particular indignity, at least.