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Extrovert? Introvert? What kind of -vert are you?

The age of the Introvert is upon us! I would worry that we are about to be overrun by stampeding hordes of introverts, but according to the thousands of online quizzes that tell you if you are an Introvert, introverts hate stampeding around in hordes.

But don’t think we extroverts/mild extroverts/people who probably misread their Myers-Briggs results aren’t onto you, Introverts! Caity Weaver on Gawker has a great retort, in her 15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You Are An Extrovert. And over on Slate’s XX Factor blog, Katy Waldman suggests why the Introvert Revolution makes total sense given the nature of the Internet and the way we interact there, and has even been sweeping up a few extroverts (always eager to join the crowd) along in its wake.

Wondering what kind of -vert you are? It is vital to know before the Great Introvert Extrovert Wars begin, dividing the world into groups of people trying to organize karaoke happy hours and groups of people trying to stay in and finish “Where’d You Go, Bernadette.”

To help clarify your place in the -Vert Wars, here is a handy diagram.