Earth, rejoice — all memory of twerking shall pass away, leaving nothing but the sheer unmitigated delight that is “The Fox,” a music video by Norwegian talk show hosts Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker. You must watch this now. It is the greatest video of the Late Summer of 2013 of All Time.

This combines everything that a music video should have: autotune, attractive people gyrating rhythmically in the woods, and basic, child-level facts about animals! It’s self-aware, but gleeful — “I’m On A Boat” meets “Gangnam Style.” It’s all the dancing people in animal suits we had no idea that we needed.

It’s catchy, there are people singing about woodland creatures and barnyard animals, and its lyrics do not make light of the need for consent! Basically, it is perfect.

Also, Robin Thicke makes no appearance at any point.

This makes me proud to be of Scandinavian extraction. See, the “Scandinavian Humor: And Other Myths” book that we used to unsmilingly give each other at holidays, somewhat like a softcover fruitcake, was wrong, and now there is proof. This is genius. (Thanks to Pleated-Jeans, who first discovered it, and to Everywhere Else On The Internet, where it is currently being lauded.)