Netflix has a new documentary on Mitt Romney directed by Greg Whiteley — “Mitt,” tagline: “Whatever side you’re on, see another side,” to be released on January 24.

This, for instance, is the side of Mitt ironing his suit as he wears it.

“Ouch,” Mitt says.

Remember when this was all we talked about?

As Mitt himself points out in the trailer, few things have a worse shelf-life than failed presidential candidates. It’s the bumper sticker you hasten to peel off the car. “My Child Is An Honor Middle School Student” can stay, even if enough time passes that it’s joined by a “Proud Dartmouth Parent” window decal. One or two years with the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker could be carelessness; four years, and you start to look like one of those people who never lets go of anything, whose cars gradually fill up with increasingly rude and colorful stickers and the occasional fish (evolved or un-). How much worse to be the name on the sticker!

Should be an interesting documentary. In the mean time, enjoy this GIF.