14) Go to Acknowledge the existence of the gym every day!

13) Wake up early and go for a jog.

12) Eat a healthy meal every day!

11) Get organized six BaconBowls you saw advertised on TV.

10) Get out of your comfort zone! pajamas bed obligations.

9) Save more, spend less.

8) Think kinder thoughts about people!

7) Appreciate your parentheses more! ( ( ) ) !

6) Commit to finally quit smoking.

5) Lose a weight!

4) Spend more time with family.

3) Lose ten pounds friends.

2) Go to bed before midnight 1 a.m. 2 a.m. after you finish watching this YouTube video of a goat making people sounds after you find and watch every YouTube video of goats making people sounds.

1) Fall head over heels in love.