This is incredible.

All my hours watching Fox’s “The Five,” that afternoon panel of well-coiffed heads chatting amiably about the issues of the day, have finally been rewarded. I have seen the promised land, and it was worth it. The segment below, from Tuesday’s “Daily Show,” is why. (Warning: salty language.)

This is slight hyperbole, but really this is a horse of a different color.

I never thought I would see Fox’s “The Five” afternoon panel show and “intense, committed one-woman theater piece where Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee smashes a strawberry into her face” in the same sentence, but that is exactly what this is, to the best of my ability to describe it. It is informative but also sensual but also terrifying, in a Black Swan sort of way. In this way, it captures some of the spirit of the original. All media criticism should be like this.

Yes, it goes on a little longer than it should, but eight minutes of being able to stand on a chair shouting “THIS ALL MAKES SENSE” is not much to ask after all this time.

Sure, part of me worries that this is the sort of inside-baseball joke that only sends you into hysterics if you have spent months trapped on a cable news island without word from the mainland. (Which, thanks to my proximity to the Erik Wemple Blog, is, in fact, what I have done.) After enough time away from civilization, you start to think jokes based on sand and floating bottles are hilarious. It’s just your experience. You have to joke. You need the release to make it through the day.

But the other part of me says: clearly this is great! Greg Gutfeld liked it! I watched Greg Gutfeld for months — every time I found myself in the office past five!

(So you know it’s worth watching, Aged Relatives Who Telephone Me Regularly To Urge Me To Aspire To Be More Greg Gutfeld-Like!)


(Hat-tip to Mediaite for the video.)