The Twitter account @Amazing_Maps shared a handy map that used Google’s autocomplete of the sentence “Why is [State Name] so” to reveal what we really think about these places. Google doesn’t lie. We like to present ourselves as forward-thinking, kind, law-abiding souls, but it knows that lurking within the dark spaces of our hearts is the query, “Is it okay to kill cyclists?” (third suggestion if you type “is it okay to”). When it comes to states, we’re no less blunt in our inquiries.


Some notes on this: Haunted? Really? Is this really a state stereotype? And, “Why is Ohio so important?” Is this a thing? (Maybe this piece has something to do with that Google result.)

If you prefer your autocomplete state judgments to come in the form of an “is” statement, here’s another map from Keir Clarke based around such gems as “New York is killing me” and “Des Moines is not boring.”

If you type “DC” in, the first three suggestions are “black,” “liberal” or “expensive,” for whatever that’s worth.