Shirley Temple Black passed away Monday night at age 85. She was a doll, a drink, a genre to herself. Already, the tweets describing her as “the first and original Honey Boo Boo“* are rolling in, the highest tribute you can pay an artist.

To compensate for this, on behalf of humanity, here are some of the moments she is actually known for.

5) “Animal Crackers In My Soup,” from “Curly Top” (1935)

4) “On The Good Ship Lollipop,” from “Bright Eyes” (1934)

3) Here she is, in 1939’s “The Little Princess,” during the famous scene where Sarah, the “Little Princess” of the title, dumps ashes on her rival Lavinia’s head. This was her first film in Technicolor.

2) This staircase dance with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, from “The Little Colonel” (1935) was one of the most famous moments on film in the ’30s.

1) Here is the musical number from 1937’s “Heidi,” one of Temple’s most famous films. (Turner Classic Movies quotes from Temple’s autobiography, “Child Star,” on Temple’s frustration when trying to milk an on-set goat: “No matter how I squeezed or tugged, the bucket remained stone dry. Not one drop. . . . Others had instructed me how to milk, but nobody told the goat what to do.”)

*I hope these people are joking.