Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has not been lacking in star power for its first week of guests. Thursday night brought first lady Michelle Obama on the show and featured her in a segment called “Ew!”

This is literally Sarah Palin’s nightmare. Grown men dressed as tweens? Chips made of kale? This was what was bound to come once Leno ceded the throne!

“Sara” and “Stacy,” portrayed by Fallon and Will Ferrell, are tweens, given to One Direction worship, pronouncing foods and phenomena “Ew!” and exclaiming “I can’t!” Cue the first lady, who contributes a few “ew’s” herself, as well as suggesting healthy foods and reminding the girls that dancing is a form of exercise.

The party is interrupted by the arrival of “Sara’s” step-dad, apparently a transplant from the 1950s, if not even earlier, since he claims to remember the jitterbug.

I assume, depending on your news outlet, the headline on this may read — “Michelle Obama forces kale chips down gullets of men in drag and insults a Sweatered American for his traditional pastimes.” The second the father figure departs, out come the kale chips, completing the Heathen Liberal Rampage over the hearts and minds of Young Americans. To be fair, kale is, and remains, an abomination, even when fried or dried or whatever it is you do to turn it into a chip. And I’m not sure I believed the first lady’s assertion that “the best part is they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids,” but then what is the best part of a kale chip? Not the chip, certainly.

The first lady, always a game presence on such programs, plays along, which is all that a Fallon sketch — always set up for everyone to succeed — demands. And Will Ferrell made out with a picture of himself. All in all, it was a Sharable Moment. What more can you ask? It’s not just about the first screen any more.