Yes, here is President Obama on Zach Galifianakis’s “Between Two Ferns” interview show on

“I have to say, when I heard that people actually watch this show, I was actually pretty surprised,” quipped President Obama.

At first, when you hear that the president of the United States is going to be on “Between Two Ferns,” you think, “Gadzooks, I knew sign-ups by invincible 20-somethings on were pretty bad, but I had no idea they were THAT bad.”

But actually, this was great. Well done not signing up, Hip Young Demographic! We got an enjoyable six minutes out of it, complete with jokes about “Ambassador Rodman” in North Korea. Let’s keep holding out until May and maybe we can get Michelle on, too!

Yes, I know, dignity of the office, blah blah, Grover Cleveland would never have done this, blah blah, but seriously: good writing, good delivery, A+ well done, would watch again. Maybe, next time, put the video behind a wall so you can only watch it if you’ve registered for health coverage? I’ve done weirder things to watch videos online. It might be a good incentive.

Some of the jokes land better than others. Among the best jabs:

Galifianakis: What is it like to be the last black president?
Obama: Seriously? What’s it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?

Galifianakis: Is it going to be hard in two years when you’re no longer president and people will stop letting you win at basketball?

Galifianakis: You know what I would do if I were president, Mr. President? I would make same-sex divorce illegal. Then see how bad they want it!
Obama: I think that’s why you’re not president. And that’s a good thing.

Galifianakis: You said if you had a son you would not let him play football. What makes you think he would want to play football. What if he was a nerd like you?
Obama: Do you think a woman like Michelle would marry a nerd? Why don’t you ask her whether she thinks I’m a nerd?
Galifianakis: Could I?
Obama: No. I’m not going to let her near you.

Best transition ever:
Galifianakis: So, do you go to any Web sites that are .coms or .nets or do you mainly just stick with .govs?
Obama: No, actually, we go to .govs! Have you heard of

Best lines from the promotion

Obama: Well, first of all, I think it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t have something to plug. Have you heard of the Affordable Care Act?”
Galifianakis: Oh yeah, heard about that! That’s the thing that doesn’t work! Why would you get the guy that created the Zune to make your Web site?
Obama: works great now!

Obama: . . . They can get coverage all for what it costs to pay your cellphone bill.
Gaifianakis: Is this what they mean by drones?

Obama: The point is that, a lot of young people, they think they’re invincible —
Galifianakis: Did you say “invisible”? Because, uh, I just think, like, that’s improbable.
Obama: No. No. Not invisible. Invincible. Meaning that they don’t think they can get hurt.
Galifianakis: I’m just saying that nobody can be invisible if you had said invisible.
Obama: I understand that.

Galifianakis: Which country were you rooting for in the Winter Olympics?
Obama: Seriously? I’m the president of the United States. What do you think, Zach?

Nobody sign up! More funny videos!