Well, this has been an emotional ride.

As with my real bracket, most of my most cherished picks lie in a steaming heap of charred wreckage, but such, I guess, is life.

elite eigt

After a prolonged, tied battle between Waving Back At Someone Who Wasn’t Waving At You and Start Laughing At Inappropriate Time; Can’t Stop, Waving won, and we are headed to the elite eight. There are several intriguing match-ups here. The high-concept When Only One of You Thinks it’s a Date takes on the more specific Going For a Kiss When the Other Person Wants a Handshake. Restroom conversation, which has been sweeping everything in its path exactly the way the Duke team didn’t, takes on another moment-to-beat in the form of Forgetting The Name Of Just One Person You Are Introducing. Let’s see what prevails!

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