On Monday morning, Maryland Gov. (and possible presidential aspirant) Martin O’Malley took a leap into the deep end of Reddit, offering himself up for an AMA session, the Ask-Me-Anything Q&A format that went so well for President Obama two years ago and so well for Harrison Ford a few weeks ago.

As my colleague Abby Phillip points out, this could have gone way, way better.

In fact, saying that “this could have gone better” is an understatement on par with remarking, “There were a couple of small hitches with that Hindenburg.” When you sign up for an Ask-Me-Anything, you have to be prepared to answer at least SOME things. Especially on Reddit, where the water is full of snark at the best of times and can be full of sharks if there’s a hint of blood.

To give you a sense of how badly this went, here are just a few of the nicer, more printable comments that received more upvotes than O’Malley’s actual answers, even after he went back in the afternoon to add some more responses:

“Well, this didn’t go well.” –archars
“As a Marylander, this went exactly as expected.” -TophMasterFlex.

“Man, I thought this guy was popular until about four minutes ago. Learn something on Reddit every day.” -Marzman315

“Lots of hard questions with very few responses from the Governor. I suspect he’s regretting his decision to do this…” vivnsam

“And somewhere the intern with a reddit account who came up with this idea is hiding under a desk.” uscmissinglink

“How did you feel about how you were portrayed in the HBO show “the Wire?”
edit: Does this also mean you are the real life Petyr Baelish?” -MarcelusWallace

“This is without a doubt the most horrendous AMA ever (yes! worse than Gary Johnson). I mean… is this real life? These are the people that make all the tough decisions and dictate how much I pay into the system? The man will not answer the questions that the majority of people want. This is what we’ve come to expect from our ‘leaders’. O’Malley is most likely a great person outside the political sphere but is without question a TRUE politician. Or better known as a pile of trash that wears a suit everyday.” –TheTenthState

This might be the Reddit AMA that sunk the O’Malley ship, assuming the ship was afloat to begin with.

Highest-voted O’Malley comment?

TIL that Reddit Love for Arnold Schwarzenegger does not automatically extend to other governors with Presidential aspirations. Nice try, Mr. O’Malley. -krustykrunkle

Gov. Schwarzenegger is awesome. We did a panel together in Nevada last year about energy. He did not offer me a ride in his tank. -GovMartinOMalley

Now we know why not.