When you gaze into the bizarrely gerrymandered districts of this great nation, as Nietzsche would have put it, the bizarrely gerrymandered districts gaze also into you.

But what do you see? Here are a few options. Gaze deeply into these maps, hailing from this post by Christopher Ingraham, and see what you see.

The district: North Carolina’s 12th

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The District: Maryland’s 3rd

(This has a nickname already, “the Praying Mantis”)
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The District: Florida’s 5th

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The District: Pennsylvania’s 7th

(This one is already nicknamed ‘Goofy Kicking Donald Duck’)
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The District: North Carolina’s 1st

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The District: Texas’s 33rd

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The District: North Carolina’s 4th

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The District: Illinois’s 4th

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The District: Texas’s 35th

(This one is nicknamed the “upside-down elephant”)
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The District: Louisiana’s 2nd


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