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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter is happening! We can never escape the ’90s!

Ahh, the power of nostalgia! The power of the Internet! With these powers combined, by 2020 all children will be forced to grow up on a diet of Only Programming That Their Parents Watched In The ’90s, But Now It’s A Web-Series, And You’d Better Enjoy It.

“What about NEW programming?” someone will timidly ask, as “Ms. Frizzle’s Magic Schoolbus Boldly Continues To Go Into Additional Science Places” reaches its funding goal.

“WAS IT ON IN THE ’90s?” we will bellow. “NO! BACK TO THE SILICON MINES!”

(My vision of the development process in the future is, I confess, somewhat muddled.)

No, I’m sorry, I love “Reading Rainbow,” the Peabody Award-winning show to encourage literacy in kids that ran from 1983 to 1999 with host LeVar Burton, as much as the next child of that era. Which is, I think, what the crowdfunding project to revive “Reading Rainbow” for this generation of Internet Kids is banking on. It’s already raised more than $600,000 of its $1 million goal. It aims to bring Reading Rainbow into the classroom and onto the Internet, for free.

But hey, I’m on board. Let’s get “Wishbone” back, as long as we’re at it!