(Accessible Icon Project)
(Accessible Icon Project)

Well, in New York at least, there’s a new handicap symbol in town. It’s meaning is still clear, but the image is much more dynamic.

And as long as we’re modifying, there are more symbols and signs that could use a bit of an update. Here are just a few:

Slow Children: Everyone’s child is above average, and this sign is rude. Try “Children With Untapped Potential.”

No Outlet: This sign should be placed on the doors of coffee shops before you go in with an uncharged phone and buy a large cappuccino hoping for the best.

STOP HERE WHEN FLASHING: You always see these signs. But never once have I actually seen a flasher at a railroad crossing. Whoever is putting these up needs to stop. They look a little desperate.

STOP WHEN CHILDREN IN CROSSWALK: I guess I’m glad this sign exists, although I don’t know who its intended demographic is. If you weren’t going to stop for children in a crosswalk already, I’m not sure a sign will tip the balance.

Caution: Pedestrians With Very Interesting Apps Open On Their Smartphones
Caution: Pedestrians With Very Interesting Apps Open On Their Smartphones (Image from health.utah.gov, modifications mine)

MUTCD W11-1“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This bike either needs a “CAUTION: HIPSTER” appended to it, or it needs to be made clearer that it is not in fact a fixed-gear.

MUTCD R2-1“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This, and all other speed limits, should be amended to include the words “Except For You, Especially If You Have Somewhere To Be” and “Unless You’re Just Keeping Up With Traffic, Of Course.”

Distance Signs: All of these numerical mile distances to other cities (“Memphis: 93”) should be replaced with more helpful information (“Only one Chick-Fil-A until Baltimore”; “No More Fun before Salt Lake City”).

this one

(I made this in MS Paint)

I have no updates for this one. Did you know it means “lane ending”? I didn’t! I thought maybe it was a math problem. Possibly it had something to do with lightning or french fries? I’m embarrassed now, and I apologize to all those other drivers.

Finally, those stick figures on the back window of your car intended to depict your family and its hobbies and interests should just be banned outright.