Ah, what a shining wit.

Responding to the news that the United Arab Emirates‘s first female pilot was the team leader during air strikes in Syria, Eric Bolling on “The Five” quipped (I use the term “quipped” loosely) “Does this count as boobs on the ground?”

I apologize for criticizing this show, because I know my grandparents watch and enjoy it, I think because it makes them believe that they are still in the 1950s, an era from which they have many pleasant memories.

And maybe this isn’t a joke. Maybe Bolling just doesn’t understand how these things work. If you look at his history of questions, he is always asking things like this, questions you wouldn’t ask if you realized what year it was or what people live like now. Why not play soccer, he asked Mo’ne Davis, who is so good at little league baseball that she was ON THE COVER of Sports Illustrated. Maybe these are all cries for help. What we hear as sexist jokes are actually Bolling’s way of telling us that he has been trapped in a dank cave all his life and is only exposed to women and the world at large when he is asked to comment on television. Otherwise, he is left to glean what he can from back episodes of “Leave It To Beaver,” all the Seth McFarlane comedies he wants and a butler who reads certain curated subreddits to him from time to time.

I’m just saying, it makes more sense than thinking a female fighter pilot counts as boobs on the ground. At the very minimum this suggests a total misunderstanding of both human anatomy and how air strikes work (hint: if you are on the ground, you are doing something wrong.

This is the kind of criticism, I know, that makes people entrench defensively and insist that all the Women on the Internet ever do is Complain And Ruin Your Great Boob Jokes and that if they get their way, no one will be allowed to Have Fun any more. But if this is your definition of fun, you’re missing out on a lot of actual fun.

So, to answer this question, yes, this counts as boobs on the ground. But they’re sitting in chairs asking this question.