Wow, what a turnout! This is a popular vote.

Like the American Health Care Act, we are now just a FEW VOTES AWAY … from determining what is the quintessential quote of the Trump administration! Now it’s on to the Elite Eight.

Here’s a quick look at the matchups that face us now. So far, there have been no close matches. There has always been one obvious favorite. This may be ceasing to be true.

“You’re saying it’s a falsehood, and they’re giving — our press secretary, Sean Spicer, gave alternative facts to that.” is now taking on
“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and … even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time).” after soundly defeating the inauguration numbers. It might be the quote to beat in this tourney?

Next, “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” faces the masterful “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.”  This already looks as though it’s going to be close.

“Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” will take on Steve Miller, with “The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” He and Kellyanne Conway are the only surrogates left in the running.

I personally am devastated by the loss of Potential Grizzlies, but its defeat means that “I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians, and I’m unable to comment on it.” will face “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

May the best quote win.

The hard power budget: Never weak, never soft, always STRONG. (Adriana Usero,Dalton Bennett,Dani Player/The Washington Post)

Vote for your picks and see what makes it through the tournament unscathed! And tell your friends about it, if your friends’ lives have also reached this point. It is good, in whatever small way, to feel that you are exerting a measure of control over your life.

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If the bracket is not displaying on your device, click here to see it. Voting for the Elite Eight closes on March 28!