The North Carolina GOP said in a statement that it cannot possibly have gerrymandered the state’s congressional districts, as “a ‘gerrymander’ is by definition and common understanding, a strange looking ‘monster’ drawing.”

Chris Ingraham correctly pointed out on Twitter that all North Carolina’s 2nd District needs is googly eyes to become a monster menacing Raleigh.

And furthermore:

But it is not only that. Every district is a monster. Consider (all images courtesy of the Census Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons):

This is a sad hammerhead pounding its fist on the ground as it kneels and swears vengeance for its family.

This is a monster eating Raleigh, or, alternatively, it is the state of Texas being dragged into the sky by an enormous bat.

This monster is three sock puppet heads laughing at a sexist joke.

I cannot do any better than the squirrel! It has Alabama for a tail! It also could be a dam or milk carton springing a leak. The milk has turned! Turned … into an unholy monster.

They asked President Trump to draw the continental United States, and he did a pretty okay job, but then it became sentient and turned on everyone.

The letter “I” got mold on it.

This alien shape bursting out of the stomach of South Carolina will soon devour everyone to the north.

This is a monster’s lost leg and, it will not rest until it finds its old master.

The Hulk’s head and one burly arm are slowly emerging from the side of South Carolina like a malevolent green sun.

This district is a little poodley dog that has been landscaped past its point of endurance and it is going to rear up on its legs and bite.

This rhinoceros genie being forced back into its lamp will not forget the wrongs it has suffered.

This is just Sherlock Holmes in profile smoking a tiny pipe. I guess someone in North Carolina really likes Sherlock Holmes and wanted to build a tribute to him out of voters.

This Aslan with a bushy tail doesn’t know that he has been perverted for a bad cause, and when he realizes, he will unleash his wrath.